Ahh, my first post! It feels so good to finally have this up and running…as I’m sure most of you had given up on any such blog ever actually happening. I’ve been all talk, no action for quite some time. But to my defense, I’ve been doing things like getting married and being a complete nomad as my hubby and I worked on getting moved into a place we can finally call home.

So, what the heck am I doing starting a new blog? Well, because I’m entering a new stage of life, and doing so with a brand new outlook than before. As an athlete I have always been active, and have had the best intentions of being healthy, but it wasn’t until this last Spring that I decided to really commit and make a change in educating myself and kicking bad habits. Between a newly found passion for cooking, a desire to look my best in a pretty white dress, and a fear of becoming a pudgy retired athlete…I managed to lose weight, tone up, and am feeling better than I ever have before. I’ve gained a completely new perspective on what it means to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle. For more detail on what this blog and myself is all about, click the about tab at the top of the page.

Keep checking back for food, fitness, and life updates with the Reagans – or go to the right hand column and click follow to receive updates when new content is posted! Comments are both encouraged and appreciated. Living healthy is a journey and you’re in it with me!


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