Life, employment, and good eats

It’s the first day of school and I have my new Lisa Frank notebook open – excited but nervous to put that first precious mark on the page. Ok not really. I’m actually sitting at a coffee shop in Edwards, CO enjoying a latte, a few conversations around me, hoping the internet doesn’t go out and fighting the irresistible smell of crepes….but the feeling is the same. I’ve been waiting so long to have this blog up and running that I’m tempted to word-vomit everything I’ve ever thought into one post. For the sake of my readers, I will limit my first “real” post to an update on life, which of course naturally involves a few new recipes as well. But before I do, I have to share how completely overwhelmed I was to see I had over 1,000 views when I released this thing last week. And not only that, but views from countries I am in no way connected to! So with that, I’d like to welcome all of my Mexican,  Honduran, Kuwaitain (?), European, Australian, and of course American mates. I encourage you ALL to show some love in comments and other feedback throughout the site. For all I know, those first views were all a flop and I’ll never see any of you again. I did have some feedback from friends who tried a few recipes and I encourage anyone who does so to post how it went under the comments on that particular recipe. This is a community and I’d love to have feedback public so everyone can be involved!

Okay, so…life. The last few months have been a whirlwind. Tyler was assigned to a job in Eagle, CO a week after our wedding, moving him/us from the job he was currently on in San Diego. However, he was told it would be temporary and so for 3 weeks we were commuting from his place in Loveland (CO) on the weekends to a hotel in Eagle during the week. It was exhausting and we still weren’t sure where he would end up after 3 weeks, so I did the only thing I could do and started job searching around the Denver area, hoping that’s the place we would end up. I had interest from a few places, only to hear from Tyler that the company now wanted him in Eagle until the completion of the project, slated for April. Roll with the punches, that’s what we do!

Although it wasn’t what we expected to hear, we were excited to finally know where we would be and be able to move into a place we can call home…together. I mean, who can really complain about living in the heart of ski country during ski season?  To start the moving process, a few weeks ago I flew back home to Iowa to collect all of my belongings (and our wedding gifts), see a few family and friends, watch some Panther volleyball, and pack the U-haul to drive back to Colorado (BY MYSELF). 800 miles, 12 hours, and the endless state of Nebraska later, I made it to Loveland. It wasn’t without a lot of close calls (that puppy is a bit bigger than my Mazda when trying to maneuver throw small spaces – and EVERYWHERE is small when you’re in a U-haul), $500 worth of gas, and a few concerts in the front seat, though. In Loveland, we packed all of Tyler’s things from his apartment and with LITTLE room or time to spare, headed up to Eagle. It took about a week to get all settled in, but we now have a cute little townhome to relax in at the end of the day instead of a hotel. And as you can see from my Facebook, it provides some utterly amazing views and nearby trails. Better yet, it has room for VISITORS:)

This gives me a headache just looking at it! Tyler and the U-haul, before unpacking it in Eagle.

Taken at the top of a nearby trail…unREAL views around here!

Okay so as you read this and think, “what the heck are YOU going to do?”. NO I’m not going to be a mom and NO I have no plans to be a housewife. Lucky for me, a lot of places hire on extra employees during the ski season up here because of the huge increase of people that come through the area. Even areas not directly connected to the ski resort have to prepare for the increase in volume. As of yesterday, I can finally step out of the unemployment pool and share with everyone that I will be working as an admissions representative at the Beaver Creek Medical Center. I couldn’t be more excited and thankful for this opportunity. Throughout this whole job search I have trusted that God was opening and closing doors for a reason and that eventually He would place me where I needed to be. In this day and age, an MIS degree can place you into a wide variety of positions and industries but what I’ve always dreamed of getting into was health informatics. Helping manage and run the IT components in the healthcare or medical-related field is something that captured my interest from the moment I heard about it. This opportunity will give me just the experience I need on the medical end to be able to open doors for me and lead me in the right direction in the future. Vail Valley Medical Centers are highly respected and I look forward to being able to work and learn in this position. The specific medical center I will be working at will be at the BASE of Beaver Creek Mountain, and will see mainly patients who are coming in hot off the slopes. Shoes that I, unfortunately, have been in before when I broke my leg (correction: someone *else* broke my leg) in Keystone about 15 years ago. Looking forward to starting soon and being able to finally say goodbye to e-mails from careerbuilder!!

That brings me to today…to now. To my empty latte cup but the still tempting smell of crepes. Tyler and I joined a nearby health club, so besides to avoid making terrible food choices, I need to get out of here to meet him for our spin class tonight! Woo! Be sure to add me on Facebook, twitter, or instagram to enjoy more pictures (and updates). I’ll try to give you a few here, but there’s a lot you will be missing out on if you don’t check out some of my other sites as well.

As always, this last week has consisted of a few new recipes. SO, check out the recipage for the following goodies I tried out this week:

Homemade Ketchup

Greek Salad

Slow Cooker Turkey Sloppy Joes

Healthy Carrot Zucchini Bread


6 thoughts on “Life, employment, and good eats

  1. Congratulation on your new job and being a newlywed! I would also like to thank you for mentioning Careerbuilder. Please let us know if there is ever something we can assist you with in regards to CareerBuilder. Thank you, CBhelp

  2. Ellie, I love your blog, and I will try some of you healthy eats. Happy you found a job you wanted. I am so happy for my grandson, and love you both. Love Grandma Barb


  3. Ellie! That’s so cool you are into Health informatics! Congrats on starting the job 🙂 Maybe someday we can work in the same place 🙂

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