The Sedentary Battle

After a week of early morning in-house workouts during Thanksgiving, Tyler and I decided that instead of continuing to wake him and the neighbors up with my double-unders in the garage, we should start a new routine of hitting the gym together in the morning. Our gym offers a few early TRX classes that we wanted to try, and who doesn’t love getting their workout out of the way before the day even begins?

It was our first week trying out TRX and it will most certainly not be our last. If you haven’t given TRX a try before, I highly recommend it. The different exercises that are incorporated using these ropes engage your entire body and strengthen your core in nearly every move. One of our workouts was themed around the “12 days of Christmas”. We had 12 exercises to complete (see picture below) and we began with only the first one. Next we did exercises 1 and 2. Then 1,2,3. 1,2,3,4. All the way up to 12…just like the song! I thought this was so creative – what a fun way to bring the Christmas spirit into the gym! Try this on your own and come up with your own 12 exercises!


Even with a solid gym session under my belt, I still feel like a lazy pile when work keeps me sitting…a feeling most people can relate to. I recently read that sitting for more than 6 hours a day can increase your risk of dying (of any disease) by 40%. If that doesn’t get you going, check out this article that talks about the risks behind a sedentary lifestyle: Being that a majority of people have sedentary jobs or jobs that keep them behind a desk all day, I decided to start paying attention to my own ways of keeping my blood pumpin’ and create a list of simple yet effective ways to keep you feeling good throughout the day…

1. You may have just gotten up and yes, it may be 5 degrees outside…but park farther away than you usually do. The circles you’re making in the parking lot waiting for rockstar parking aren’t saving you time anyway.

2. Stay hydrated. Always keep a bottle of water on-hand. Keeping yourself properly hydrated does wonders for your health, and by flushing your system it keeps your body working and metabolism high. It also will help segway you into your next activity…

3. Bathroom trips! Choose a bathroom that requires a little walk. Granted, there’s no need to hike to the next building…but take the opportunity to stretch your legs and maybe visit a few co-workers along the way. Once you make it there, choose the farthest stall. As ridiculous as it sounds, if you get into the habit of choosing the last stall over the first, the steps will start to add up!

4. Stand up. Standing will not only burn you more calories than sitting, but it will also help improve your posture and reduce stiffness in your body throughout the day.

5. Ahh, you made it to lunch. Ok, so maybe you have a job where you’re already on your feet all day and you cherish your 30 minutes over the noon hour to sit down and relax…but for the rest of us – get out of the office! It’s refreshing to leave the atmosphere of your work space and can also provide a great opportunity to get moving. Take a 30 minute walk or shop a nearby store.

6. Stop taking the elevator! You do realize that by the time the elevator gets to your floor, you could have already been where you want to be, right? Take the stairs!! Once you get into this habit, it will be hard to break.

7. Walk and talk. We all know the image…talking on the phone, feet kicked up, finger twirling around the receiver cord. Think about how long your phone conversations typically last and how you probably can be caught complaining about how you don’t have enough time in the day to be active. Lets kill two birds with one stone here. Graze while you chat and earn some bonus points.

8. Take a field trip. Instead of calling, emailing, or texting the person you’re trying to reach…walk yourself over and get some face-time. Hand-delivering messages goes beyond getting your legs moving – it’s also a great way to stay personable with the people around you. Send your next report to a further printer and mingle along the way.

9. Replace your chair with a large stability ball, or get one of these:

Some of you may be reading and thinking “pshhhh, I get such a good workout in before/after work…I don’t need to worry about anything.” But it doesn’t matter! Just because you got some activity in during another part of your day doesn’t reduce the risk of being sedentary for long periods of time. This is one reason why I love my Nike FuelBand. There’s also lots of other devices and tools that track activity, but this has so far been my favorite. It tracks your activity throughout the day and allows you to set a goal and see your progress by one simple press of a button on your bracelet. Mine has recently passed away (insert crying sad faces) after a few too many accidental trips to the pool…but if I’m nice the next few weeks I think Santa may sneak one under my tree! If you’re still Christmas shopping, consider one of these (FuelBand, Up Band, Fit Bit, etc) for your active or even non-active friends. It’s a fun way to track activity, compete with others, and get moving!

I hope everyone’s Christmas shopping is going well – only a few more weeks! Eeeeek! The talk of the mountains seems to always be about snow, or lack there-of…and we just got up to 14 inches this last week. So you can imagine spirits are high up here in the Vail Valley.

If you remember last post, I mentioned how much I love my food processor and suggested chopping all of your fresh produce up before the week so you have it on-hand for quick and easy meals. Well, we did just that last week and I just had to capture the beauty:
chopped veggies

Now you all know I’m a big fan of using your phone to track nutrition and help achieve your fitness goals…so I want to share a new find that I’ve been using alongside my calorie counter. It’s called My Daily Plate and it allows you to enter what you are eating to measure how well you are staying balanced and filling in your food pyramid. Take a look at mine so far today:

My Daily Plate

I love this because it helps keep me balanced. I may want oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter all day…but it’s important to spread the love out to other food categories and keep a balanced diet.

At the gym today, I ran into a lady doing bicep curls and bench press with her baby sitting right beside her. I had to creep a picture because I think this is just awesome. NO EXCUSES! This baby is already on its way to a healthy lifestyle! She even played with her in between sets! Super mom!!


That’s all I really have for you this week. Check out the new recipes added below, and don’t forget to follow my instagram (eblank1) and twitter (eblank1) accounts for more recipes, workouts, and random things in between! I’ll leave you with a few pictures from Tyler’s Holiday work party this weekend in Loveland. It was cowboy themed…so we scrounged up some outfits to try and fit in. I made it a Saturday fatterday by trying a little bit of every dessert on the table (thankfully, the other women at the table also wanted to do the same thing)…how cute are those cookies?!! Happy hump day everyone!

holiday cookies


New Recipes (click on the picture):

Instant Healthy Chocolate Cake Pretzel Hugs Apple fries Hawaiian Cauliflower Crust Pizza Sweet Potato Turkey Shepherds Pie


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