Wrapping & Resolutions

Am the only one who wishes Christmas fell in different seasons around the world so I could make a living as a traveling gift wrapper?

As my loving husband will be quick to tell you, I love all things wrapping. All the festive paper, shiny bows, pretty ribbon, gift tags…all outlets for my Christmas spirit and creativity to let loose. Hit the Christmas music and I’m in the zone. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house where my mom would label her wrapping room as “Santa’s workshop” and I’d cherish the moments I got to jump in and help. Or maybe it’s the perfection she had with her presents, and the beautiful display of what was *probably way too many presents* under the tree and in our stockings. Either way, I fully own the fact that passing the gift-wrapping section of the store does give me that feeling that most women get when walking by shoes (they never have 10.5s anyways)…and if it’s reversable paper yes, I’ll buy it. But my husband can grumble all he wants because at the end of the day, he’s opening presents on Christmas.

how precious are these reindeer?!

how precious are these reindeer?!

annnd we're still using the wedding ribbon in December.

annnd we’re still using the wedding ribbon in December.

While I may be getting highs finding shiny bows and gift tags, the rest of America is likely getting highs off of normal things like cookies and other holiday-related food. Despite our desperate attempts to convincing ourselves that there’s some nutrition behind that slice of fruit cake and glass of egg nog, the holidays just aren’t meant to be friends with your diet. Lucky for you, though, they are meant to indulge and enjoy. The health nut in me would love to now segway into how to limit those holiday cravings but I’m instead going to skip towards the next American trend: New Year’s resolutions.

We all have them. Not always health-related, but since New Years conveniently follows a month of holiday indulgences and predecesses warmer weather and less clothing…the resolutions usually tend to aim that direction. Unfortunately, there are more of these that fizzle out than that which truly last, so I wanted to share some insight on how to not only make those changes happen, but make them last.

1. Create your resolution for the right reason. It’s great you want to look good in a bikini for Spring Break…but how about the rest of the year? Doesn’t a lifetime of health, happiness, and feeling good sound much more appealing? Make it about the long-term from the get go.

2. Be realistic. Create small goals that lead up to your ultimate goal to be sure you’re creating an attainable resolution. You know better than anyone else what your limits are. Starting small will help give you the confidence that you can make a change. Progress is the greatest motivator there is, so allow yourself to have it by not shooting beyond the stars.

3. Make it about you. You’re doing this for yourself and no one else. If it’s not you who gets to feel good about the results, what motivation is there?

4. Patience. Progress that sticks is gradual. I think back to how I lost my weight recently – what started out as just wanting to look and feel better by eating right turned into weight being shed off of me I didn’t even know I had to lose. Yes, I lost around 20 pounds…but that was over 5-6 months and never happened in more than maybe a pound a week. If you’re looking to lose a drastic amount of weight or change your diet, sometimes you can lose a lot of weight in the first couple of weeks…but as your body adapts to this new routine it will slow down and that’s no reason to get frustrated! Healthy weight loss is measured in only a pound or two a week. This applies to all types of goals, however. Stay patient and focus on what progress you are making as opposed to what progress you have left.

5. Dedication. “Whatever you choose, do it fully with a passion and child-like enthusiasm.” -Dr. Oz. I love this quote. Go after your goals with FIRE and stick to it. Choose a resolution you’re excited about. Making goals out of guilt isn’t the road to follow. Example: okay so yes, you ate your weight in Christmas ham this holiday season…don’t let your unbuttoned jeans be the sole motivation for a change.

6. Compete with yourself. Keep track of your progress, no matter what your resolution may be. Work to beat those numbers. Why is Jim Carrey’s voice coming to me – “I’m kickin’ my own ass…do ya mind?!” (Liar Liar)

If anyone is thinking of creating a health/food/fitness related resolution and wants some help in what direction to go or where to start, I would be more than happy to help you out…just send me a message or leave me a comment!

I found these quotes this week and absolutely love both of them. Perfect way to send you all off…



Happy happy holidays everyone…I unfortunately work Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day sooo insert thumbs up here. But hey, I’ll be making money while you all lose it! Glass is half full!

Some new recipes:

Pumpkin Cranberry Overnight Oats

Pumpkin Raisin Pecan Overnight Oats

Breakfast Cookies

Salmon & cheese filled spinach egg-white omelet

Turkey Veggie Omelet

No-bake chocolate PB granola bites

Cauliflower “fried” rice

Skinny Alfredo Sauce **I made this two nights in a row…so good!

…and an added workout.

ANOTHER great thing I whipped up this week was the shredded chicken below. I saw on Pinterest that an easier way to shred chicken is using your kitchen aid and let me tell you…I am NEVER going back to hand-shredding! All I did with this was threw some frozen chicken in the crockpot with a little chicken broth and marinade. After it cooked about 4 hours I took it out and threw it in the kitchen aid. While it was shredding, I strained the broth to remove the fat and returned it to the pot. After adding the chicken, it all soaked right up and was deeeeelicious. It’s super simple and makes great leftovers to throw in a sandwich, salad, or whatever else. Give it a shot!

Anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Colorado, which this week included this ‘li

2….I swear this really happened. We have visitors in our yard quite often.

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