Top 10 wellness “go-tos”

We all have our staples. Our go-tos. Items that, when removed from our life, would cause a ripple in our routine and a little/lot of anxiety. Sometimes these are negative things, somehow making their way onto a New Year’s resolution every year…but they can also be good things. Things that help us create healthy rhythms and accomplish our goals.

That being said, I’m dedicating this post to my own personal set of go-tos – focusing on the items that keep my food and fitness tickin…because who needs to know my naughty list anyway?

  1. My lulu pants. The most comfortable, sweatable, and loungable things I own. From my astro pants that once were form-fitting and now serve as sweatpants – to my wunderunders that get worn everywhere from the gym to my couch to a base layer under my ski pants. A little pricey compared to your local Target knock-offs, but a very high-quality product that, for me, gets their moneys worth within a week!
  2. Nike Fuelband. Something so attached to me I ended up taking this “water resistant” wristlet for a “water proof” spin in the pool a few times. It managed to stay alive for a few months before I had to say my goodbyes and try to make the nice list for Christmas. Turns out I made the cut (thanks mom and dad!) and now have some new white wrist-candy to fill the naked feeling. Check out more about what this band is all about at the link above…but a quick synopsis is it tracks your activity throughout the day, including steps and calories, while also doubling as a watch. By the simple click of a button you get an awesome display that shows you all of your statistics as well as progress towards your goal.Nike Fuelband
  3. Loseit! App. Having an application on my phone allows me easy access to tracking my food throughout the day (and exercise if I were to choose). I’m never without my phone, therefore never without an excuse:)
  4. Nike training club. Another application for my phone that provides numerous workouts doable both at-home and in the gym. Other fitness applications included in this go-to category include: nike running, iwod fitness, bodyrock, sworkit, workouts, and ab workouts. There are millions out there for you to download…notice how your excuses are slowly being weeded out?
  5. PINTEREST! My oh my what was the world even like before this beautiful website? A hub of ideas for absolutely anything, and the ability to pin these ideas to your own digital corkboard. It’s like google, but better…because pictures are involved. I’m always on here looking for recipe and workout motivation. Check out reaganrambler’s pinterest board here – and begin your very own pinterest journey! I’d also sneak Instagram on this number, because it’s similar in that you can explore everything, have a feed with only people you choose to follow, and share things yourself! As many of you know who follow me, I love using my instagram to share recipes and workouts as well as find them from other people! Don’t have instagram? Download the phone application now and follow me at eblank1…often times I’ll post recipes there before I do on here.
  6. PB2. I’ve already dedicated an entire post to this love story. No need to waste your time twice.
  7. Fage 0% plain greek yogurt. We buy 3-4 TUBS a week and still manage to run out. Besides the obvious use of serving as yogurt, I also use this as a healthy substitute in baking/cooking.  Dips? Yep. Sour cream? Pshhh, this stuff is waaaay better. Never ever will you find me without this in my fridge. Great source of protein!
  8. Water bottle. Most people do the triple-pat before they leave the house – keys, wallet, phone. My triple-pat goes phone, keys, and… bottle. Water has SO many benefits for you! Next time you think you’re hungry, down a glass of water and see how you feel. A lot of times your body just needs water! First thing in the morning drink a glass of water and see your breakfast intake go down. Feeling sick? Drink up – water keeps your system working and will help flush those nasty germs right out of you. But why wait ‘til you’re on your deathbed to start? Drinking cold water will aid in keeping your metabolism up and is guaranteed to make you feel better throughout the day (or your money back).
  9. Scale. More-so my kitchen scale but I’ll go ahead and throw the bathroom scale in there, too. Being able to accurately measure portions leaves the guessing out of how much you’re eating. Not to mention you can easily convert portions when you’re not sure how much “10 oz” is and you need it in a recipe. Beware of sticking too close to your bathroom scale, as your goals are about much more than weight (muscle weighs more than fat!). Focus on how your clothes feel and how you look. It is, however, a good idea to keep an eye on it. Pay attention to weeks at a time, though, not days…and be sure to weigh-in at the same time – I (and Dr. Oz) would suggest in the morning after you’ve gone to the bathroom but before you’ve had that first glass of water (ahem, #8).
  10. Last but most certainly not least is…oatmeal! If you’ve even briefly viewed my recipes you will surely have already seen this coming. Not only is it incredibly nutritious and filling, it’s versatile. I’ll eat it cold as overnight oats, hot with a few egg whites, throw it in a smoothie, use it in pancakes, grind it and use it as flour…the options are endless!

There you have it. My top 10, so-to-speak. Honorable mention includes almond milk (this really probably should have made the list), sweet potatoes, headbands, and spandex. What are some of YOUR fitness/food staples?

Before I wrap up with my newly added recipes and workouts, I have to share this restaurant story. Over the holiday, my in-laws were in town and we all went to dinner at a very nice Mexican-themed restaurant. They had a lot of healthy options available, all I needed was a simple side swap (can I get some veggies instead of the beans?) or clarification on what something on the menu was. All to which our waitress struggled to answer and in the end I wasn’t even sure what I ordered. It was all just horribly confusing and much harder than it needed to be. Well, as Tyler would say…sometimes when you’re a health nut and ask too many questions the waitress just throws her hands up and brings you a side salad and a plate of salmon. I couldn’t believe it. The salad was the size of my hand.  Luckily, the salmon was at least a hearty portion and somewhat worth the price of an entrée that I ended up getting charged. My goodness, people…throw me a bone!! (literally)

Pathetic MealIn other news, who knew spinach could spice up canned soup so much? I got lazy with food prep one night  last week and decided to throw a can of chicken noodle soup in my lunch bag. Decided I could spruce it up by throwing some spinach in, too. Turned out awesome! You’d never know it came out of a can!

Also supporting me in my wellness goals this week – my husband -because I sure as heck didn’t put a snickers in my bag of eggs.

Alright, time to tackle the rest of this Saturday. Be sure to check out some new recipes and workouts from this week:

Pumpkin Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

Chocolate/PB Almond Clusters

Sweet Potato/Banana Scramble

Simple Crockpot Chili

Quinoa/Black Rice Omelet

Spaghetti Squash Veggie/Rice Mix

Sweet Potato/Quinoa Patty

Crispy Zucchini “Fries”

Arm Burning, Total-Body Workout


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