Welcome to Reagan Rambler! A food, fitness, and life blog through the eyes of a newlywed. It’s my hope that this blog will serve as inspiration for those reading to start leading a healthier lifestyle. I want this blog to not only be myself rambling, but also serve as a soundboard for others to share new ideas and ways to stay fit and healthy. For those of you who have stumbled upon my page without a clue who I am, let me help you get to know me. I’m a 25 year old daughter, friend, sister, follower, and most recently…wife. I was a 4-year student-athlete at the University of Northern Iowa where I had the honor to be a part of (insert bragging voice here) one of the best volleyball programs in the country. I bleed purple and gold. I graduated with nothing related to health or fitness, but instead a degree in MIS and Finance. Post-college I trained briefly with team USA and decided to then pursue a year of professional volleyball overseas and ended up on a team in Innsbruck, Austria. Glad I did it, but also glad to move on. I came back and prepared for the single best day of my life: July 21, 2012. The day I married my best friend and ditched my much-too-long last name to become Mrs. Ellie Reagan. This blog is here as a platform for me to share what keeps me ticking, and hopefully will inspire others to figure out a healthy lifestyle that works for them too. You get out of your body what you put into it! Keep checking back as I continue to share routines, recipes, workouts, insight, and of course a little bit of life rambling in between. Please feel free to comment with feedback, suggestions, knowledge, or insight of your own to my site…we’re in this together and I by no means have it all figured out! ENJOY:)


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