This aspect of healthy living has luckily been engrained in my daily routine for a long time. As long as I can remember my days have included being active. If it wasn’t in my own activities, it was running around to my brother and sister’s games. Through my involvement with sports, I’ve developed a passion for fitness and staying fit that has stayed with me to this day. Through my college volleyball days, I gained a mental toughness I never knew possible. As much as I dreaded our grueling Spring workouts, punishment conditioning, after-practice sprints, preseason double days, and football-player weightlifting…I absolutely loved the challenge. I will never admit that I “miss” our 6-week Spring conditioning series, but the feeling of completing that last week together and being able to look back at where you started was a feeling of accomplishment that instantly made every early morning and grueling afternoon worth it.

So what do you do when for the first time you’re not being told what to do? No longer do you have someone running a practice, giving out workout routines, or yelling behind you to “drive, drive, drive!” up the football-stadium steps. It’s something I for so long looked forward to. Finally a chance to be on my own schedule and create a routine unique to me and what areas of fitness I enjoy. So follow along with me as I share the fitness aspect of my new stage of life. My constant quest to stay in shape, look my best, and continue to challenge myself and my husband…remembering that passing out in exhaustion can be the absolute worst yet best feeling in the world.

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Fitness Intro page

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