If you’ve made your way to this page, you better have your shoes on, laces tied, music playing, and competitive attitude out and ready to play. Picture a boxer who just climbed up into the ring…fists up, sweating, foaming at the mouth, ready to fight. This should be you, right now, at your computer, ready to work out.

Through my experience training and competing, I’ve learned one very important lesson: your mind will either be your biggest asset or your highest hurdle. If you go into something believing you can accomplish it, you will. If you lead yourself into something with fear and doubt, your body will also believe that. My greatest advice to anyone is to stay confident in yourself and your potential – set goals and believe you can achieve them. Don’t let anything stop you!!

This page is here so I can share workouts I’ve done either by myself or at the gym. As of right now, my GRC Fury (Gypsum Rec Center) class will be the bulk of these, but look for that to change as time goes on. If you don’t have the equipment or space for a specific exercise, replace it with something you do have space for. My best advice if you are unfamiliar with the names of these exercises is to youtube them. You will find tons of videos showing you how to complete them correctly. Let me know if you have further questions, I am here to help!

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