I’ve always enjoyed cooking…but it was never something I made a priority when it was so much quicker and easier to grab something on the way home – a frame of mind most of us share in the busy, fast-paced society we live in. So where did this passion for cooking come from? I have two explanations: Pinterest and living overseas.

It’s absolutely impossible for one to surf Pinterest without running across something that happens to simultaneously make you hungry. With the extremely s-l-o-w paced style of living in Europe, and the fact that most of my days were spent twiddling my thumbs waiting for the other side of the world to wake up, I developed a new hobby. It actually became a game. What recipes can I find where I know I can find the ingredients and where I know I have the supplies to make it (our kitchen supply was not well-endowed). There was little to no temptation to “grab something on the way home” when A) nearly everything closes at 5pm and B) you can’t read half the menu. The biggest fight I had was saying no to the kebab shops where that twisting rack of lamb and pizza slice in the window seemed to dance for me every time I walked by. Had the turkish workers not been so creepy, I might have made a few more stops.

So while my interest in cooking began in Austria, you can imagine how much it was fueled when I finally returned home. I had a never-ending list of recipes to try and FINALLY I knew where to get the ingredients! I can read labels! I have a blender! The list went on and on. I was truly in heaven the first time I walked into an American grocery store. Ahhh, the little things🙂

I’ll continue posting and sharing food insight, but if you want to skip my babbling and go straight to the recipes, simply click here. Since the majority of my inspiration and recipes come from Pinterest, feel free to check out my personal Pinterest page as well…and if you haven’t been introduced to Pinterest before, beware that a quick “look” can easily turn into a quick 3 hours.

Happy Cooking!


One thought on “Food

  1. The little things indeed! haha No one really truly understand what we go through until you experience cooking (or trying to cook) on mars.. I mean Europe. Especially in that disaster of a kitchen. But you did well and so innovative, probably better than any other American who stepped foot. I gave up after I met Stefan! I love your recipes, but some are missing the Austrian touch that I’ve come to love (for my taste): fat, grease, and carbs 🙂 Think Schnizel. Miss you!! Love hearing about you’re new life! (BTW this was supposed to be a short comment, dangit!

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