Welcome to my recipage! A culmination of recipes I’ve found and tweaked to my liking…feel free to adapt to your own taste buds and post any comments or suggestions!

Also, a word to the wise – enjoy your mistakes. Because you are bound to make a lot of them and you’re not alone. We’ve all had our fair share of forgetting something was in the oven, forgetting something was 400 degrees before touching it, forgetting an essential ingredient, forgetting what can and cannot be put in the microwave…you get the picture. Lucky for us they say the quickest and best way to learn is from mistakes. So let that next batch of burnt discs that were supposed to be cookies be nothing more than comedic relief and a lesson learned…but I suggest limiting errors related to hot items – those mistakes unfortunately stay on your skin forever. Do be careful with the microwave too. Accidentally cooking aluminum foil is all fun and games ’til the house burns down.


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